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September 08, 2007



What a yarn crawl, Deb! Thanks for sharing. I confess I am mainly happy to stay in Nova Scotia, but this blog post is the obvious upside to city livin'...

Steph VW

I'm practically droooooooling at the sight of all that yarn. You'll bring it to your next KOL night, right? I'm pretty sure I speak for the group when I say that we would like to see a re-enactment of how your threw it all on the bed in your hotel room and rolled in it.

(there's new sock yarn at T.S. Just sayin'.)


What you have is both sock yarn AND vacation yarn which means it not only doesn't count as stash yarn, it qualifies as "negative stash" so you were very, very good. =)


If you listen very carefully, you'll hear the sound of me turning green with envy. Good on you for your yarn haul (no way does sock yarn does count in terms of total stash enhancement, at least that's what I tell myself). I had a similar experience in South Carolina when I visited my sister, forced her to drive to Charleston with toddler in tow, then ditched them so I could go troll through a yarn shop I read about online. It was awesome.


koigu. i need. I have also never had any. It's a dream. I am going to Portland ME this week and plan some yarn crawling, not sure what to do with Mr Wonderful, maybe send him for coffee?


I covet it all! *sob*

I can tell you had a great time! Meetings? What meetings?


Hi Deb
We met last night at Chapters. Hope you didn't spend too much.
You're right about that koigu, it's gorgeous.
(And now I sound like a giant stalker...)


Sounds like a wonderful trip! :)


I do believe you have made the best of this situation! How can you ever go wrong on a business trip when there is this much fiberness involved? Koigu isn't in any of the stores I have visited, so I have yet to feel its bliss, but I still have time for this pleasure. You are so lucky!


Hi Deb. SO sorry I couldn't be at alterknit to enjoy all the yarny goodness and snacks with you. Next time, OK? I am glad you had a great all alone time to savour all the fine shops and meet some of your fellow addicts. Terri from alterknit enjoyed meeting you. (I stopped by yesterday and she gave me the lowdown!) So, keep in touch - I am also at lulu-bee.com. ciao for now elayne


I am insanely jealous. Not of the yarn...although it's quite pretty... of the time you had without children clawing and pecking at you. :) I gotta get me some of that. SOON.


I'm glad that you enjoyed our fair city. Romni is a little overwhelming until you've been in there a few more times or have a really clear plan of what you're looking for.

I love that Posh yarn you picked up. I'd been eyeing that pink and yellow skein for awhile now. I'm glad it's finally off to a good home and has stopped tempting me!

I also tried to make it to Alterknit on Thursday but ended up working late.

Glad you had such a lovely time.



You were clearly having too much fun. I'm so jealous!


I totally covet the green Koigu and the shawl pattern. And, you know, the rest of your trip. ;-)


Looks like you had a blast in one of my old stomping grounds. A friend of mine was just at Romni and said pretty much the same thing...too tired to take it all in! What a yarn haul! I'm a wee bit jealous!


Ooooh, I'm soooo envious!! Look at that haul!!
Luck lucky knitter!


Hee hee! You are definitely a person with more sock yarn than me. Then again, you would exhaust my stash of sock yarn in under a month... It's a good thing I knit slower than you do! :) Glad the trip was fun!


I'm breathless from what you managed to accomplish in 22 hrs. Yarn phenom.


Good work. I envy both your company and your stash enhancement.


Wow - you'll love the Koigu. I'm just excited to find another knitting pharmacist (I thought we were a rare breed).

susanna eve

what a great yarn crawl. It is like a map of the knitter's perfect day.


Wow, that's quite a day! I envy you - I could browse through the books at Romni for hours.

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